Welcome to Journey of Intrinsic Health Community

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About Us

There are no rigid rules regarding diet and lifestyle here. The Journey of Intrinsic Health promotes a healthy and natural lifestyle that fosters a spirit of gratitude and pleasure around everything you do. 

We focus on empowering each of you to thrive in your own unique way through our 8 Points of Intrinsic Health.

There is no one path for your Journey. 

The take away from this course and community experience will be that you have all the awareness at the core level to guide the path you are meant to take. You have all the resources you need to reach for. Every journey is a massive success when it is true to the individual.

The sooner you develop the skill of hearing your own inner voice, and learn to tune out the clutter from others, the faster you will find clarity in every endeavor in your life. 

You are here on purpose. 

You are enough, regardless of the path you take.

Why You Should Join Us

Be a part of a growing community of people committed to transforming their health and supporting the well-being of our entire planet. 

At a time when finding community has never been more needed, we offer a place to explore your personal health journey, gather with others, feel supported and connected.

A Big Thanks

I am in a state of utter awe and gratitude for those of you who are considering joining or have already joined us.

By joining this community, you will learn, engage, immerse yourself fully, and connect with others and it's humbling to witness.

Over the past year, the separation from self and loved ones has made it even more clear that now is the time to plant the seeds of community.

How to join us on the Journey of Intrinsic Health

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